Real Stories

Australians share their stories about using EpiPen® Auto-Injector

Yum cha reaction

The first time I used EpiPen® Auto-Injector

Callum and his family were out for a meal when his daughter started showing signs of a severe allergic reaction.

On the road

Allergic reaction in back of the car

Yolanda was driving when her daughter had a severe allergic reaction to a snack.

Sharing lunch

School experience is a lesson for all

Young Margot was afraid of getting into trouble, so she never told her teacher she was unwell.

Hidden nuts

Daughter’s reaction at birthday dinner

Sally recalls how the blue to the sky mantra helped her the first time she used EpiPen®

Henry and Tia

EpiPen® mantra helps save the day at music festival

Why Henry is grateful that his mum taught Tia to use EpiPen®.

At a primary school

School staff member administers EpiPen®

Emily explains how her EpiPen® training helped her give anaphylaxis first aid to a student.