Real Stories

Australians share their stories about using EpiPen® Auto-Injector

Yum cha reaction

The first time I used EpiPen® Auto-Injector

Callum and his family were out for a meal when  his daughter started showing signs of a severe allergic reaction.

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Sharing lunch

School experience is a lesson for all

Young Margot was afraid of getting into trouble, so she never told her teacher she was unwell.

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Henry and Tia

EpiPen® mantra helps save the day at music festival

Why Henry is grateful that his mum taught Tia to use EpiPen®.

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On the road

Allergic reaction in back of the car

Yolanda was driving when her daughter had a severe allergic reaction to a snack.

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Hidden nuts

Daughter’s reaction at birthday dinner

Sally recalls how the blue to the sky mantra helped her the first time she used EpiPen®

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