4 myths about anaphylaxis

What you need to know about signs, symptoms and treatments for severe allergic reactions.

Myth 1: Small amounts of nut are harmless

Ever wonder why packaged foods with no nuts in the ingredients sometimes contain a warning that they may contain nuts or that they are produced in a facility that also processes nuts? For some people, tiny amounts of nut (or allergen) can cause a severe allergic reaction, also known as anaphylaxis.1

Myth 2: Antihistamines should be used before EpiPen®

The fact is that antihistamines should never be used as an alternative to EpiPen®.2

Myth 3: If there’s no skin reaction, it’s not anaphylaxis

The fact is that people may have no visible skin reaction (rash, hives or itching) while experiencing anaphylaxis.3
For people who have been prescribed EpiPen®, it is important to use it at the first sign of a severe allergic reaction.4
Signs and symptoms vary, but may include one or more of the following:

  • Persistent dizziness or collapse.
  • Difficult or noisy breathing.
  • Wheezing or persistent cough.
  • Swelling, especially of the face, lips, tongue or throat.
  • Vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach cramps.
  • Young child becoming pale and floppy.
  •  Skin rash, hives or itching.2

Myth 4: Adrenaline is dangerous

EpiPen® or EpiPen® Jr. Auto-Injectors contain a specific dose of adrenaline® and are designed for use by people who have had no first-aid training.5

The fact is that it is safer to use EpiPen® when you don’t actually need it than not to use it when you do need it. Not administering EpiPen® in a potentially life-threatening situation is more dangerous than using EpiPen® when a patient is experiencing only a moderate allergic reaction.5

There are instructions on the EpiPen® Auto-Injector to guide you. Remember:

Blue to the sky.  Orange to the Thigh.

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Prepared June 2021. EPI-2021-0201.

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